The simplest, guaranteed means of finding a good barber is to ask around, finding men with smart looking haircuts and asking where they go for their hair cut will lead you in the right direction, as most men are happy to recommend a good barber. Barber shops vary greatly from the sedate, one-chair operation which gives you the impression of stepping back in time, to the multi-chair modern salon style, with music or television playing and high energy chatter; but each is unique and finding a good one can be a minefield. Because a salon looks chic, modern and good, doesn't necessarily mean you will get a good haircut there, one of the most powerful means of advertising is word of mouth and if customers of a salon recommend it as being good, then it usually is - after all it would be hard to recommend a decent barber if you were sporting an awful haircut.

Outward beauty is the frame for the masterpiece of your soul.

Shannon L. Alder

Barbers shops also tend to be a hub for social gatherings, where men can be men and discuss football, horse racing, or sports of all kinds, politics, news, weather and local events and where they can enjoy the masculine environment and have a laugh. In general, a barber shop is considered to be primarily a men's domain, although some shops also cut women's hair, and some feature female barbers. Before the arrival of mass produced safety razors, men would regularly attend their barber shop to get a facial shave and most modern day salons do not cater for this service, so the barber shops still in operation today who offer this provision, are valued and appreciated by numerous gentlemen and will take their place in history as an important gathering place in the lives of men.

RXB LONDON, 80 Brixton Road

Here at RXB LONDON barbers, on Brixton Road, gentleman can get the very best attention to detail for all their hairdressing requirements, superb cuts, shaves and rest assured that we only use the very finest of hair products. All of our stylists are qualified in men's grooming and hairdressing and our traditional classic wet shave has always been highly recommended by our customers.